thermal imaging inspection of house
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We at On the Level Inspection Service strive to maintain cutting-edge services. In our continuing effort to provide the best possible service for our Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin clients, we offer Thermal Imaging Home Inspection Services.  All of our inspectors are Certified Residential Thermographers or better.

This new and innovative procedure involves the utilization of infrared thermal imaging to detect many hidden or suspected problems.

Prior to Thermal Imaging, the detection of problem areas required having to tear out drywall or use some other invasive method. These methods frequently were not successful in initially locating the source of the problem, resulting in unnecessary additional damage and costly repairs.

In addition, water leaks were not detected until staining was noticed on the drywall ceiling or interior walls. Wiring problems went undetected until the
wiring actually shorted out, tripping the breaker, or melting the insulation. Areas of missing insulation in walls and low insulation in attics went unnoticed.  Leaking ductwork, involving higher energy costs, are difficult to detect.

Now, with Thermal Imaging, these potential hazards can be detected BEFORE they become a problem, saving costs, headaches, and possibly lives.

To learn more about our thermal imaging home inspection services, call us as at (414) 856-8020.

Thermal Inspection of house

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