The Go-To Company For Residential Mold Testing

If you are concerned that mold may be a problem in your residential or commercial building that you own or thinking about buying; you have come to the right place! On the Level Inspection offers its mold inspection and mold testing services to all of South East Wisconsin. Including but not limited to Franklin, Milwaukee, Grafton, Racine, Kenosha, Oconomowoc, West Bend and everywhere in between near you. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call and speak with an expert.

You have your reasons for searching for a company to handle your Milwaukee-Area Mold Testing. We are here to let you know that no matter what that reason is, we have seen similar cases countless times and have helped many people just like you. So, whether you have health issues, are concerned about your kids, notice unusual odors/growth, or are purchasing real estate; our service will get you the answers you need.

Our Inspectors know where mold hides! They are equipped with years of experience and state of the art technology like thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to pick the best places to take On the Level Inspection Service. Air and surface samples will be collected from the greatest area of concern and sent into an independent lab for analysis. They will create a report for us and the client showing exactly what is in the air and how much of it.

Once we find out if your indoor air quality has elevated levels of mold or not, we can take the next step. If elevated conditions do not exist, you have nothing to worry about. If there is a problem, we will create a detailed report of our findings. This will include letting you know the source of the problem, how far it has spread and a detailed protocol for how to get rid of it. For the most serious problems, we recommend finding a Mold Remediation company to handle the work. More often than not these companies will use the protocol we provide. This is beneficial to you as it saves money by keeping costs as low as possible while making sure the job is done right.

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Are you a texter

Text Your Inspection Request to..

Please Be Sure to Include
Your Name, Address & Requested Inspection Date & Time