Often selling your Milwaukee-area residential property can be as challenging as buying a house. Getting your home inspected before listing it on the market can make the selling process easier and quicker. You’re even likely to sell your house at a higher price than the market rate with confidence in your house condition. It will also eliminate any delays in selling that may occur if the prospective buyers want to get your house inspected. Our pre-listing inspection services can help!

Save Money, Maximize Your Return

Home inspections are usually requested by home buyers, but they are also significantly beneficial for home sellers. For instance, if you aren’t aware of a problem in your home and your buyer detects it during the buying process, you’ll be in a weaker position. You will have to get the repairs done and sell your house at a lower price than what you listed.

A Pre-Listing Inspection will allow you to list your house at a higher price than the average market rate and you will confidently show your house around to the prospective buyers. If you encounter any problems before listing, you will have ample time to get them fixed without any stressful deadlines looming over your head.

Avoid Surprises, Sell With Confidence

Pre-listing inspections will enable you to negotiate more confidently, ensure a shorter “Days on Market” period, and enjoy smooth transactions. Though selling a house is a complex process, a pre-listing inspection can make it easier for you to find a prospective buyer quickly.

  • We Respect Your Property, and Your Time – When you’re in the middle of the selling process, many prospective buyers come to visit your house to survey the interior and exterior. We understand that your days can be jam-packed. Keeping that in mind, we’ll work through date and time feasible for a home inspection. Our home inspectors are always on time, and they make sure that no damage is caused to your property during the inspection.
  • We Give a Different Perspective – It’s your property, and you may know it better than anyone else. But we still recommend home sellers to assist the home inspectors as they look around your home. It will help you understand the mechanics of your home and where to find the problems. This information will help you identify minor problems before they grow worse in the long run. Although normally used for home buyers, pre-listing inspections are becoming more common.

Preparing For The Inspection

As the seller, there a few things you can do to prepare for the inspection. Being prepared will help the inspection go smoothly and increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers.

  • Cleanup – It may sound obvious, but your home must be cleaned before the home inspectors arrive at your location. It won’t just enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal for the buyers, but it will also make it easier for the inspectors to access every area of your home in less time.
  • Utilities are Connected – Before the inspection, make sure that all the utilities are turned on. The home inspector won’t be able to check the condition of plumbing, electrical appliances, air conditioning, water heater, boiler, furnace, dehumidifiers, and so on with disconnected utilities. In this case, the inspector will have to reschedule the inspection until the utilities are connected.
  • Appliances are Connected and Working – Appliances that are not connected to water, power, oil, or gas cannot be turned on by the home inspector. All appliances should be working properly, and abandoned appliances should be removed.
  • Brush and Other Exterior Obstructions – If you’re applying for home inspection during winter, make sure to clear the snow away from the path. During summer, remove the dead branches, overgrown trees, or mosses that may hinder the home inspection.
  • House Number – Lastly, provide the right address and make sure the address plate outside the house is visible enough for the inspectors to see. It will prevent delays and save time for both parties.

Choose The Right Pre-Listing Inspection Company In Southeast Wisconsin

A significant amount of effort goes into selling a home. One of them is making sure your house is in good shape.

However, you can confidently sell your house if you get a Pre-Listing Inspection. It enables you to identify any potential deal-breakers and fix them in time. Consider On the Level Inspection Service, and cross off having your house inspected from your list of things to do.

Before you place your house on the market, our home inspector inspects it and provides you with a written detailed assessment of your property.

In addition to working with your dates and time to make a home inspection possible, our pre-listing home inspection can also benefit you in several other ways.

Our house inspectors are efficient and ensure to avoid inflicting any harm to your home or property while conducting the examination.

We also assist you in comprehending how your house performs and where the issues are. Finally, we also help you recognize minor issues before they ultimately deteriorate. Contact us to get hold of our service.

The #1 Choice in Pre-Listing Home Inspections In Milwaukee & Southeast Wisconsin

On the Level Inspection Service provides Pre-Listing Inspections throughout Southeast Wisconsin including Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, Grafton, and West Bend. Give us a call at (414) 856-8020 or send us an email.

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